2 in 1 Fish Scaler and Cleaner

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There is nothing CLEAN about cleaning a fish..... Scales fly EVERYWHERE..... Until NOW!!!

This must-have gadget is perfect for turning today's catch into tonight's dinner! The uniquely shaped blade is perfect for slicing through even the toughest skin, while the scaler makes quick work of even the most stubborn scales. From Bass to Barracuda, this handy tool is perfect for preparing your catch. The blade folds in making it safe for cleaning your fish at sea or along your favorite stream.


•MESS-FREE SCALING The generous scale catcher holds even the largest scales, making this perfect for whatever species you are after. With an easy flip, the compartment is empty and ready for the next side of the fish. Whether you are cleaning your catch in the kitchen, the galley or the campsite, you can keep your prep site clean with this handy tool.

•EASY FISH CLEANING Clean your fish inside and out with the fold out, curved field knife. Shaped specifically for those hard to reach areas. The knife folds up making this tool safe to carry on a boat, or on a hike to your favorite spot.

•EFFORTLESS TO WASH Crafted out of durable ABS plastic and stainless steel, this tool is completely dishwasher-safe. Just pop it into your dishwasher once you're done prepping your fish!